Thursday, December 25, 2008

Heavenly Hands with fillers

I hadn't really thought about doing my hands...but when I was offered the chance I jumped at it. You've seen those shows on TV where those poor women are put on display for all the world to guess their age. Critics would often point out sun damage etc. I remembered a comment by one bystander, "Her hands look old and veiny." Most of these women were much younger than they looked. Time and time again the comments came down to the hands. Our hands tend to show our age. Though my face is youthful, my hands were starting to thin and veins were beginning to protrude. Dr. Kerr used Radiesse to fill in between the metacarpals by injecting in one or two sites. I'm optimistic that this will last about a year or more. Juvederm or a fat transfer would also work well in this case.