Monday, October 25, 2010

Who needs plastic surgery? Boise, Idaho has the latest cosmetic treatments available.

2006 (Age 46)
2009 (Age 49)
2010 (Age 50)

Do I look 50?  The above photos of myself are proof that you don't need plastic surgery to turn back the clock.  Oh my goodness!  I can't believe I'm sharing the photo at the top of this blog! 

But isn't this what women really want to know?  They see movie stars in magazines and they say, how in the heck does Cheryl Tiegs look so great at her age???  And of course all the movie stars deny they've had anything done!  They just all stay frozen in aging at all.  Well, I'm not movie star, I'm just an ordinary housewife who wants to look as good as I can look for my age without plastic surgery (although I'm not opposed to it about 20 years from now).  And I'm here to dish on all of them! 

Here's the low down.  You can get everything you need right here in Boise, Idaho.
 I hope I don't get sued for this, because I have no proof other than what I can see, but with my knowledge and resources I can tell you that stars like Cheryl Tiegs, Courtney Cox, Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Elizabeth Hurley have had plenty of cosmetic procedures.  Many of these stars look better now than they did 7 or 8 years ago.  Madonna is a perfect example.  Her face is fuller now than it was at 45.
What are they doing?  Let me count the ways......
  • BOTOX to erase lines and wrinkles
  • Fractional lasers like C02 Fractional Laser to resurface the skin and promote collagen production.  
  • Juvederm is also used to achieve fuller lips!  Even Angelina Jolie will eventually need a filler if she wants to keep her famous lips!  They don't stay that way forever!!!

So even though our favorite stars won't kiss and tell in PEOPLE magazine...I can tell you what I think they've had done. Most of them can do it without plastic surgery, so they aren't necessarily lying when they say they've never had surgery!!!

I wanted you to see how I have transformed from 2006 to August of 2010 without any plastic surgery at all!  So,  you may ask, what have I had done?
  • I've been using BOTOX for about 8 years to eliminate lines and wrinkles on my forehead, around my eyes and around my mouth.
  • IPL (Photo Rejuvenation) for sun damage.  I grew up on a lake and spent several summers with my husband river guiding in Jackson Hole.  In addition, I taught swimming lessons for many years!  How's that for sun damage!!!
  • I've used fillers like Radiesse to restore volume to my face.  
  • We are not only the1st in Boise, but the 1st in the state of Idaho, to add the new Pelleve Skin Tightening Treatment.  I have had one treatment and will have more as needed over the course of the next year.  Donna, our Patient Care Coordinator has seen amazing results after doing a C02 and then 3 Pelleve treatments.  She'd be glad to show you her before and after photos!  You can't believe the transformation! 
 Even though I feel a bit exposed, I hope it helps some of you to feel like you can do something about the aging process.  You don't have to look 50 if you feel 35!  I'm not going down without a fight!!!

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