Thursday, December 30, 2010

Botox Demo by Dr. Brian Kerr, Boise

Here I am....time to get Botox injections again.  I get them about three or four times a year depending on the area.  I think I'm about 49 in this video, and I think you can see that Botox has helped me from developing static wrinkles on my forehead, around my eyes and above my lips.

A fun announcement:  We were recently named the only Platinum Plus Provider for Botox, Juvederm, and Latisse in the State of Idaho.  We thank all of our great clients for supporting us.  Botox and filler treatments are our specialty.  Dr. Kerr and our Nurse Injector, Rachel are skilled in advanced Botox techniques that can help a client achieve a younger look without looking frozen. That's probably the biggest fear that clients have to overcome....but if they go to an experienced injector with knowledge of the right techniques, their fears just dissolve away.  

Botox has also been used on and off label cosmetically for the following:
  • Remove Wrinkles (not just "elevens" between the eyes) forehead, and around the eyes. 
  • Eliminate smoker's lines
  • Give the upper and lower lips a "pout"
  • Relax muscles of lower face to give the corners of the mouth a lift
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Open the eyes for a wider look (non-surgical eye lift)
  • Relax muscles in the lower jaw to give face a slimmer more feminine look
  • Relax neck bands 
  • Migraine headaches (recently FDA approved)  Usually 6 months to a year of relief with one time treatment. 
  • Excessive Sweating of underarms, hands & feet
Botox is one of the safest drugs on the market with millions of injections being given each year.  Using Botox consistently when wrinkles start to form (usually thirties) can stop aging in its tracks.  More on Botox.....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Who needs plastic surgery? Boise, Idaho has the latest cosmetic treatments available.

2006 (Age 46)
2009 (Age 49)
2010 (Age 50)

Do I look 50?  The above photos of myself are proof that you don't need plastic surgery to turn back the clock.  Oh my goodness!  I can't believe I'm sharing the photo at the top of this blog! 

But isn't this what women really want to know?  They see movie stars in magazines and they say, how in the heck does Cheryl Tiegs look so great at her age???  And of course all the movie stars deny they've had anything done!  They just all stay frozen in aging at all.  Well, I'm not movie star, I'm just an ordinary housewife who wants to look as good as I can look for my age without plastic surgery (although I'm not opposed to it about 20 years from now).  And I'm here to dish on all of them! 

Here's the low down.  You can get everything you need right here in Boise, Idaho.
 I hope I don't get sued for this, because I have no proof other than what I can see, but with my knowledge and resources I can tell you that stars like Cheryl Tiegs, Courtney Cox, Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Elizabeth Hurley have had plenty of cosmetic procedures.  Many of these stars look better now than they did 7 or 8 years ago.  Madonna is a perfect example.  Her face is fuller now than it was at 45.
What are they doing?  Let me count the ways......
  • BOTOX to erase lines and wrinkles
  • Fractional lasers like C02 Fractional Laser to resurface the skin and promote collagen production.  
  • Juvederm is also used to achieve fuller lips!  Even Angelina Jolie will eventually need a filler if she wants to keep her famous lips!  They don't stay that way forever!!!

So even though our favorite stars won't kiss and tell in PEOPLE magazine...I can tell you what I think they've had done. Most of them can do it without plastic surgery, so they aren't necessarily lying when they say they've never had surgery!!!

I wanted you to see how I have transformed from 2006 to August of 2010 without any plastic surgery at all!  So,  you may ask, what have I had done?
  • I've been using BOTOX for about 8 years to eliminate lines and wrinkles on my forehead, around my eyes and around my mouth.
  • IPL (Photo Rejuvenation) for sun damage.  I grew up on a lake and spent several summers with my husband river guiding in Jackson Hole.  In addition, I taught swimming lessons for many years!  How's that for sun damage!!!
  • I've used fillers like Radiesse to restore volume to my face.  
  • We are not only the1st in Boise, but the 1st in the state of Idaho, to add the new Pelleve Skin Tightening Treatment.  I have had one treatment and will have more as needed over the course of the next year.  Donna, our Patient Care Coordinator has seen amazing results after doing a C02 and then 3 Pelleve treatments.  She'd be glad to show you her before and after photos!  You can't believe the transformation! 
 Even though I feel a bit exposed, I hope it helps some of you to feel like you can do something about the aging process.  You don't have to look 50 if you feel 35!  I'm not going down without a fight!!!

To Read more about your favorite movie stars and what they "might have had done" go to:  "How 5 middle-aged stars stay sexy"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are your eyelashes thin or short? LATISSE is the answer!

Are your eyelashes thin or short? Do you get tempted to go spend lots of money on eyelash extensions?

Well your quest is over. Recently we received the distinction of being Boise's ONLY Platinum Plus Provider of LATISSE Lash Enhancement treatment. As a top seller of this product, we have the experience to be able to recommend this product with confidence. It is a rare client who can't use this product or see a difference in just a few weeks.

Finally, you can grow darker, fuller, longer lashes than ever before with FDA approved LATISSE® Lash Enhancement for women and men who want lash growth.

Available in Boise and Eagle at Silk Touch Medspa and Laser Center, LATISSE® is a prescription for inadequate eyelash growth (hypotrichosis). It is used to grow longer lashes that are both darker and thicker. And some of us use it on our brows too!!!
Before and After Photo of Latisse Eyelash Growth

A quick and simple daily application to the base of the upper eyelashes is all you need to grow longer, more beautiful lashes. In just six to eight weeks, you can expect thicker lashes with full results in about 16 weeks. (Some of us have seen results as early as 2 weeks).  You must continue to use LATISSE® to maintain the results. If discontinued, lashes will gradually fall out and return to their original state.

LATISSE® has been offered by Silk Touch Medspa for over a year with long lasting results. "Just ask any of our staff to show you their lashes", adds Dr. Kerr, "everyone without exception has achieved amazing results."

How long does it take for LATISSE® to work?
We are happy to take before and after pictures for you....but it's always a good idea to take one yourself. We'd love to feature you on our website! You should start to see results in as little as 2 weeks.
Alana Lynn BEFORE LATISSE 2010.09.20
Just recently, Wow 104.3 Country's own Alana Lynn, from the "Randy and Alana Show" in the morning came in for some LATISSE.  So we're going to let you see for yourselves.  Alana is going to upload a picture of herself every couple of weeks so we can see her progress.

How do you apply LATISSE®?
1. Clean your face as usual and remove contact lenses.
2. Remove an applicator from its tray. Then tip the dropper over the brush. Don't squeeze too hard. You want just enough product to cover the lid above the lash line.
3. Draw the brush across the lash line, like you are putting on eyeliner. No need to apply it to the bottom lashes.
4. Enough applicators are supplied to do each eye separately. Although we must recommend proper and sterile use with the LATISSE® product, many of our customers report using one brush for both eyes and then throwing the applicator away. This way they don't lose as much product. Just FYI, this is not our recommendation.

How long will one bottle of LATISSE® last?
We've had many of our clients tell us that their bottle has lasted one to three months.....but don't expect that the first month or two. You need to use the product religiously until your lashes are at their fullest length, thickness and darkness. Then, if you are happy with your lashes, you can start experimenting with cutting back a little bit. Some customers only use the product 3x a week and can keep their lashes long and beautiful.

Will your irises turn dark?
One of the reported side effects is that your irises will turn darker or change color if you have lighter eyes. We've been using LATISSE® for almost 2 years now and no one has reported this side effect yet. So, there is the possibility, but it is highly unlikely. One side effect that some of our customers notice is a bit of darkening of their eyelid skin just above the lash line. They counteract this with concealer. Most aren't willing to give up their long lashes for this bit of inconvenience.

What is the cost of LATISSE®?
LATISSE® Retails for $120/bottle. We offer our customers a bigger discount when they buy 2. Your going to need 2 anyway!!! Call to ask for pricing. 208.939.8442

Can you use it on eyebrows?
Yes, you can! Some of our customers are seeing very nice results. Apply only to areas you want hair to grow in or you might get a mad scientist look!

Visit our website for updates on Alana's progress. Click here.   Silk Touch Website

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction - Silk Touch Medspa brings new skin tightening treatment to Boise, Idaho

Pellevé is the newest innovation in skin tightening and it is right here at Silk Touch Medspa and Laser Center in Boise & Eagle, Idaho. FDA cleared to treat facial wrinkles without surgery, this treatment uses advanced radio wave technology. The Pelleve system precisely heats the deep layers of the skin without damaging the epidermis. The heat causes the collagen in the skin to contract and tighten. After the treatment, the skin begins to produce new collagen, which improves the firmness. No anesthesia is required and patients can return to work immediately after the procedure. Many clients see results after just one treatment, with improvements up to six months later. Facial treatments take only an hour. Pellevé fits easily into busy schedules. This is the perfect treatment to tighten arms, buttocks, face . We will pair this treatment with the Co2 fractional skin treatment and this treatment is particularly effective when trying to tighten the neck area to get an even better result when we use Smart lipo or laser liposuction. This is the only laser that can give you a neck lift without surgery.
Read more.....

Dr. Kerr and Susie met Doctors Sarnoff & Gotkin* at The Aesthetics Show in Las Vegas, and were impressed with the lectures there. "We were particularly impressed with the lecture on Skin Resurfacing with the CO2 fractional laser. We were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in a room with some of the best doctors in the country who happened to be getting trained on the Pellevé system," said Susie, Managing Director.

"Certification on the Pellevé treatment was being conducted by Dr. Michael Stampar and we had the opportunity to see the skin tightening results for ourselves. Dr. Sarnoff & Dr. Gotkin had already purchased and were using the Pellevé System and were quite excited about the results they were already getting. We were excited about bringing this new technology back to Idaho!"

*Dr. Deborah Sarnoff, a dermatoligist and Dr. Robert Gotkin, a plastic surgeon own and operate Cosmetique, New York's premier Dermatology, Laser & Plastic Surgery. Dr. Sarnoff has demonstrated her procedures on television shows including The Today Show, 20/20, Good Morning America, Dateline, The View, Extra and The Doctors.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Botox and Fillers by Dr. Brian Kerr- Testimonial of a satisfied client

Dr. Brian Kerr  uses botox and fillers with artistic skill  to smooth wrinkles and erase years from his client's faces.  Here is a recent testimonial from one of our clients.  Visit for more information.

5-16-2010 2:24:20e
First I want to thank Dr. Kerr for his GREAT work that he repeatedly gives me. I live both local and international and have had procedures done all over the world during my travels. Ireland, USA - many cities, Thailand, Istanbul and Jordan are just a few places that I have had Botox and fillers done. I have been to some of the noted "best" surgeons and doctors in this field and I can honestly say that NEVER have I received better results than with Dr. Kerr. He was the first doctor in the 6 years I have been doing these injections to look at my face as an artist and recommend what he thought would compliment my face the most. I have noticed over the years that with the injections I receive, most Dr.s do the "same look"  for every patient. Dr. Kerr gave me the personal attention and care I haven't seen before not to mention his work was the best I've had done - both national and international. I now no longer get injections anywhere except in his office and have flown back to Idaho from Jordan, simply because it was time for more injections.
If you have any questions or thoughts about getting Botox or fillers ---- I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kerr as he is now the only Dr. I will allow to touch my face.

Jasmyne Watson

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silk Touch Medspa in Boise and Eagle offers SMARTLipo Seminar

Last night we had another great Smartlipo and Anti-aging seminar with Dr. Brian Kerr, Medical Director of Silk Touch Medspa and Laser Center.

Topics included:  laser liposuction including Smartlipo and Vaser assisted liposuction.  Dr. Kerr showed many slides of patients that have had successful treatments.  To view some of his patient photos CLICK HERE.  Vaser and Fat Transfer.  Skin tightening using CO2 ablative laser and Affirm deep skin tightening.  Botox and Fillers, including more information about the liquid face lift which includes a combination of botox, fillers/fat transfer to turn back the clock at least 10 years.
Dr. Kerr talked in depth about Fat Transfer and its use in breast enhancement and brazilian lift of the buttocks, not to mention for face, hand and other body areas.  Standard treatments such as Laser Hair Removal and IPL photo rejuvenation were also briefly discussed.
Dr. Kerr brought up the fact that we were pioneers in introducing  Laser Hair Removal to the Boise valley in 1999.
Our focus at Silk Touch Medspa and Laser is to provide our customers with the latest technology.

Seminars are held monthly, usually on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm.  Visit our website: to find out more about it.  

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pain-is it the same for everyone?

Does everyone feel pain the same way? 

This has been a topic of much discussion between Dr. Kerr and myself over the years.  We have noted that we are on opposite ends of the teeter totter when it comes to pain tolerance.  Dr. Kerr's idea of a massage, for example, is a light touch...nothing too deep.   I, on the other hand, want to go deep to the bone.  Thankfully our massage therapist knows us and gives us our own dream massage.

So what gives?  Why the big difference between us? Maybe a woman vs. man thing?  Maybe the fact that I've had 5 babies, 3 kidney stones and major back surgery makes me tougher?  I've championed my way through botox, fillers, CO2 skin resurfacing and Smartlipo all with flying colors.  I got off the table after Smartlipo and did 3 consults following the treatment.  The next day I worked a 10 hour day with no pain medications whatsoever.  Well, now I can get off my high horse and stop telling those more "sensitive" to buck up. 

It seems that there is some evidence to support the notion that people feel pain differently.   Rosie Mestel (Los Angeles Times) wrote an article on this subject and it was featured in the Idaho Statesman on Monday March 15, 2010.   A study done in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found a genetic link to pain.   It seems there are rare pain conditions caused by mistakes in a gene called SCN9A.

We have all heard of the children who have no pain sensation at all.  A parent's worse nightmare!  A child accidentally touches the stove and feels nothing...but receives 3rd degree burns!  Oh my!
So we know there is an extreme "non-reaction" to pain, so it seems very possible that there are those that are "highly sensitive" to pain on the opposite end of the spectrum. Evidently this gene called SCN9A is to blame.

Dr. Kerr and I have commented on the difference in pain tolerance in our Smartlipo and Vaser laser-assisted lipo patients.  Everyone wants to painful is it?  How long does it take to recover?  We are careful to educate our patients that there is a bell curve.   Most patients thankfully feel very little or no discomfort and heal very quickly during their Smartlipo procedures.  Most (about 95%) of our patients are back to work within 2-3 days and off any pain medication within that same amount of time.  We have observed over the past three years the differences between our Smartlipo & Vaser patients, but nothing concrete to attribute it to?  Why does one client get up from their surgical procedure, walk out and report that they had little or no pain or discomfort during the procedure and in recovery?  Alternatively, there are those who are much more sensitive to discomfort.  Intuitively, we have adjusted to allow more time for the anesthetic to become effective and educate our patients about the possibility that they may take a bit longer to recover and they may have higher discomfort levels. That's just good patient care. 

It's just nice to have some science to back up our own observations.  There's a gene gone crazy out there that makes us react differently.   So now I can't tease my husband about being a big baby when he walks barefoot over pebbles that I can run on. Same is true of his tolerance for botox or other aesthetic treatments.     He really doesn't feel things the same way I do.   When he asks for a back massage, I won't force him "grow up" and get a real massage  (deep massage)...I will just acknowledge that what feels deep and relaxing to me is like pushing hot pokers into him.

This study has brought to light the emphasis we need to place on treating each patient individually for pain.  Thankfully Dr. Kerr's background in anesthesia makes him very qualified to help clients remain as comfortable as possible during any cosmetic procedure.  Dr. Kerr just needs to clone himself like Michael Keaton in the movie Multiplicity so he can anesthetize himself!

Visit our website for more information about Smartlipo, Vaser and other cosmetic procedures.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year's Resolutions for my skin and life

1. Have regular microdermabrasions-  Microdermabrasions exfoliate the skin and allow new younger skin to come to the surface.
2.  Hydrate my skin with olive oil.
3. Get regular botox treatments.   Like muscles in a broken arm  that get weaker while the arm is mending, muscles in the face begin to atrophy when Botox is used regularly.  If we keep muscles from getting strong again, we often can go longer between treatments.  I am determined not to let those little lines above my lips start to form.
4.  Take vitamin supplements.  Skin begins to glow when we get the right nutrients and minerals.
5. Exercise regularly.  My favorite exercise video is Turbo Jam.  Go to to find out more about it.  A little dance, a little kickboxing, a little weight training.  My arms are getting toned and so is my tush. 
6.  Get regular peels.  Peels with glycolic, salicylic, malic, lactic or citric will exfoliate the skin's top layer more effectively than grainy scrub.  A high concentration 20 to 30 percent peel can increase collagen production.
7.  Use Retin A (tretinoin) on face, neck and hands.  This is the best product and the most studied of all treatments for production of collagen. 
8.  Laugh often.
9.  Don't take life too seriously.
10.  Simplify, simplify, simplify.
Forgive me, but my husband Dr. Kerr reminds me that I also should add 2 more to my list.
11. Wear sunscreen.
12.  Drink more water. I get so busy I forget that my skin needs liquid love.